Dj Selphi


Before he started creating bachata remixes (2016) and DJing (2017) , he was a dancer first and those things never once entered to his mind since he loved dancing so much.

But after taking a private lesson with a certain instructor and he gave him the idea of making his own remixes since he has produced hip-hop and rock music in the past, he found a passion that took him to places he would never thought go to.

Currently in New York where he plays at socials regularly and has started to help organize and manage events.

His goal is to help grow the bachata community (in New York) into something bigger than it’s ever been, by connecting with current and new students, introducing them to different bachata music, and fostering their growth in their dancing through performance teams.

He is also a kizomba lover, and it’s also his goal to help grow that community as well and bridge the gap between the 2 dances.

As far as his bachata music projects are concerned, he tries to bring something different from what other remixers do, though he is happy to hear that people enjoy dancing to his tracks and his goal is to keep getting better, in order to provide the quality of music that dancers expect.




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