Shaka Brown


Teacher, Traveler, Thinker.

Shaka Brown looks everywhere for teaching opportunities, which means that he looks everywhere for learning opportunities.

He believes that the power of knowledge comes from sharing, and he has implemented this philosophy on a global scale.

Shaka has taught, spoken, and shared in hundreds of cities over 35 countries.

From martial arts to juggling, beach volleyball to dance, Shaka is drawn to strengthening, honing, and improving the mind and the body.

As a Boy Scout, Shaka learned to explore freely, and leave the campsite looking better than he found it. He applies his talents to that purpose.

Whether tutoring mathematics, building solar-powered lights for farms in Nicaragua, or teaching latin dance to inner city students, Shaka gives an open ear, and open arms to the process of creating the world he wants to live in.

As a professional Mambo instructor, Shaka Brown partnered with David Melendez to found the Capital Congress (Washington DC Salsa Congress).

Since 2005, the mission of the Capital Congress has been to bring dancers, instructors, and performers to Washington DC for a celebration of latin music and dance.

This annual festival has grown to a 4-day gathering of dancers from around the world. As director, Shaka continues to bring innovation to the event, providing scholarships, performance workshops, and learning, in a family-friendly environment.

After producing 14 successful instructional videos, Shaka decided to make his entire dance library available online. In 2009 he launched Simple Dance Method, with a goal to foster a space for teachers and dancers to interact, share choreography, ideas, and curriculums online.

Shaka believes that obstacles and problems, become opportunities and possibilities through observation and perspective. This was put to the test when he was brought to the hospital in 2013.  Diagnosed with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, His disease compromised his spine, organs, muscles, and led to brain surgery.  Shaka spent 4 months recuperating in the Respiratory Care Unit, learning directly the effects of TB on the body, the mind, and the spirit.  He uses this experience to raise awareness of the world’s most prevalent disease.

Shaka resides in Washington DC, where you can find him dancing salsa, losing chess games, practicing Spanish & Portuguese and encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest.

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